Elgato is now offering Canadian and US EPG data through the same provider: (Macrovision) TV Guide. Using EyeTV 3.1 or higher, you will now be able to receive Canadian EPG within EyeTV without any hack. The only downside is that it will cost you 20$ US a year, after the free 1-year trial ends.

EyeTV EPG Proxy fills the need for EPG data for users in countries where EPG data is not available from Elgato's partners (TitanTV, IceTV, etc.)

Background: EyeTV is a DVR software for Mac OS X, with support for EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) in many countries. Unfortunately, EPG data is not available at all in some countries (Canada for example), or it is available only via a (paid) subscription (tvtv for European countries for example).

How does it work: Basically, it acts as a proxy between EyeTV and the real EPG data source (Zap2It or XMLTV). Traffic is redirected from EyeTV to your personal web server, on which PHP scripts will answer with data that EyeTV can understand. More details can be found on the How does it work? page.

EyeTV EPG Proxy is open source (under LGPL license). The source code is available from the Google Code project page.